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Researchers and entrepreneurs who want deliver to the most people possible the solutions we developed to improve life quality and we believe in a real virtuous economy.


Today the world needs the serious involvement of competent persons to effectively improve our way of living and acting on our planet, in order to leave it in a better way than we reached it.


HKE want to deliver to the most persons possible our technologies that work in a safe and autonomy way to improve the human being life quality. HKE develops solutions working for long, easy to use and independent from any energy and chemical or radioactive products, to make them the healthiest and the most perennial possible. HKE develops solutions that last over time, easy to use, and independent from the use of external energies and even more from chemical or radioactive products, to make them as durable and healthy as possible.

Business Philosophy & Quality Policy

Water is a source of energy and an information vector for human beings, but only if the water is free from pollutant memories.

As the industry leader, HKE R&D Team places strong focus on customers, and provides them with exclusive technology and services that deliver business value that exceed their expectations. HKE R&D team encourages full dedication and participation from all staff towards realizing its objectives to continually improve the quality of our products and services.

For a long time, many researchers have continuously studied how to replicate this special structure of water. Thanks to the former aeronautical scientists, they researched and manufactured high-tech catalysts, and then applied the principle of spontaneous physical resonance to create hydrogen kinetic energy equipment, successfully producing the same structure of hexagonal water as the water molecule in the human body but also can be stably kept at room temperature for more than 12 months.
The nature of spontaneous physical resonance by Hydrogen Kinetic Energy induces the HKE Hexagonal Water R&D team to the ongoing development of this technology and equipment which is suitable for all water-related industries such as agriculture traditional as much as hydroponic, drip irrigation agriculture, freshwater/sea aquaculture, animal husbandry, seafood processing, RAS fish farming as well as winery industry (Accelerated Aging Technology Solution), bottled drinking water, SPA, swimming pool, industrial hot water boiler, beauty care (moisturizing water), , small molecule extraction technology for water plants and precious herbs extraction in biotechnology, etc.

HKE can supply you with the best technology to generate the best Hexagonal Water

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The HKE Quality Policy
As the industry leader, HKE's R&D team focuses on the demand of its clients and provides them with unique technologies and services while developing business value beyond their expectations.
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The Hexagonal Water

Why you have to choose our technology

Water is the fundamental element for life, of people, plants and animals and is a pillar of many company activities. We are, in fact, going through a delicate period of ecological transition where sustainability will be more and more at the center of the life of people and companies. The pandemic of 2020 has finally brought us back to reality and to understand that we must pay greater attention to the need to satisfy our needs in a more economical, healthy and natural way and towards prevention in order to achieve greater well-being and vitality over time. All this is in hexagonal water!

HKE is able to provide you with the best technology to obtain it by reducing your current consumption.

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