The top virtue...

Tao and Teh, Capitolo 8

The top virtue is like water, benefiting all, contending with none, and is content with what all others disdain. Therefore, it is close to the Word.

The Water Puzzle

Dr. Mu Shik John

Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water. Replenishing the Hexagonal Water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease

Mr. Peter C. Agre

2003 Nobel Prize in Biology

Hydration is linked to the aquaporrin Channel in a cell, which can only receive small molecules of water at a time

The Water Puzzle

Dr. Mu Shik John

Hexagonal Water can transport nutrients and oxygen rapidly through water channels in cell membranes, nuclei and DNA

Mr. Otto Val Bo

Nobel Prize in medicine 1931

The major cause of cancer is cell hypoxia.

The Water Puzzle

Dr. Mu Shik John

... Not all waters are the same and it is the structure of the water in our body that ultimately determines health or disease.

The Water Puzzle

Dr. Mu Shik John

Hexagonal Water is found surrounding healthy DNA, whereas unorganized water is found surrounding the DNA of diseased tissue.

The Water Puzzle

Dr. Mu Shik John

The Hexagonal Water is the primordial water that has the capacity to be absorbed by cells in a quick and natural way

Why is water increasingly important?

The growing drought in the world and our basic needs

Water is one of the fundamental elements to life, of people, animals and plants and is a base to many business activities. In fact, we are facing a delicate ecological transition period where sustainability will always become the center of peoples life and companies. We are, in fact, going through a delicate period of ecological transition where sustainability will be more and more at the center of the life of people and companies. The 2020 Pandemic brought us back to reality and to understand that we have to put more attention on the necessity to satisfy our needs in a more parsimonious, healthy and natural way and preserving us to a major wellness and vitality in future.

Today, even to face repeating scarcity coming out in Europe, we focus on the importance of the quality of the water in order to use it in the adequate doses according the necessities.
The adult human body is composed of 60% of water, which is mainly contained in the cells. The water is a source of energy and is a transporter of information for human beings, but only if it does not contain pollutant wastes. Nature is so well done that when a baby is born, the water in its body cells is a hexagonal ring like cluster also known as Structured Water, Revitalized Water or small molecule cluster water. It is why the baby’s skin is tender and full of vigor.
As one Grows older, the human body begins to lose in its cells and DNA the hexagonal structured water. At the age of 58 years old, only 23% of the water present in the body is Hexagonal Structured Water. The loss of this hexagonal structured water will affect the body’s metabolism, the skin complexion and circulation, healthy immune system and detoxification. More and more harmful substance accumulates in the body and one becomes aging and even gets a disease.

Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water. Replenishing the Hexagonal Water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease

The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key by Dr. Mu Shik John

The Hexagonal Water

What is that?

L’Hexagonal Water is a molecule arrangement of water molecules that exixts when water is near of hydrophilic (water loving) surfaces. In fact all water contains a certain percentage of hexagonal ring like cluster. The most evident form found in nature is in melted snow, which is more vital and energetic.

The smaller the water molecule cluster is, the higher the hydrogen bond energy contained in the water molecule will be. Therefore Hexagonal Water has high penetration, high dissolved oxygen, and strong energy, which can freely cross between the human cell membrane and play the role of transporting nutrients, expelling waste, and making the communication between internal organs. Thus, it can more effectively freely circulate between the membranes of human, animal and plant cells and transport nutrients, expel residues and ensure communication between internal organs. Long-term drinking of HKE structured water can improve body detoxification and metabolism, effectively activate cells, and strengthen the immune system. It is also helpful to people with constipation, hyperuricemia, gout, and other diseases. Furthermore, the bad pollutant memories are removed as well if water can retain the memory of pollutants.

The Hexagonal Water is also useful to agriculture to save water, nutriments, any additives and electrical power, making plants and animals more resistant and healthier, or in the skin care and the medicine for instance to cure burns and scars, etc.

All this is in hexagonal water!

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In 1991, the physicist Nobel Prize Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig (Wolfgang Ludwig) proved that water has memory. It can store frequency, and transmit coherent information to organisms.

The molecular structure of water, in the light of the latest scientific research, appears as a complex biological computer capable of retaining information.
“The informability” of water and fluids in general is a discovery that paves the way for a new type of research and a whole series of surprising applications both for human health as well as for commercial and industrial uses.

Thanks to these discoveries and considering the qualities of Hexagonal Water, it can be deduced that by adding to this water the information and / or the chemical element that you want to assimilate to our body effectively, we will succeed in an optimal way.
As by supplying hexagonal water we will increase its internal communication capacity.

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